Working with Data


As part of our commitment to improving and streamlining the way we support our members, SCHA’s Transformation Team cuts across all the quality, safety, and population health work we do to provide customized support in the specific areas where individual hospitals concentrate. Throughout 2017, this team has met with hospitals one-on-one to present them with a data environmental scan, a report which provides key metrics around the three major focus areas—community building, reliability and workforce—that the group identified as critical issues facing hospitals today.

The data in the report features evidence-based quality metrics proven to accurately assess the reliability of care, county-level information about the population the hospital serves, and pertinent workforce statistics that all feed directly into a hospital’s decision-making process. The reports also benchmark each hospital in relation to other facilities in the state, giving the numbers real context and assisting leadership with zeroing in on areas for improvement. The end result is better, data-driven decisions made in ways that improve our hospitals and the health of all South Carolinians.