Growing SCHA Solutions


Hospital Owned and Operated

SCHA Solutions was created to connect hospitals with providers of business and workforce solutions to ensure high quality services at the best possible price. The SCHA Solutions team works continually to identify, evaluate and certify innovative, high-impact, high-value ideas and specialized services that are scalable to your organization.

As our for-profit subsidiary, SCHA Solutions has been in business for 25 years and operates solely for the purpose of supporting our hospitals with innovative ideas and services that increase the quality of healthcare in South Carolina while positively affecting the hospitals' bottom line.

Supporting Healthcare in South Carolina

As the result of an outstanding 2017, SCHA Solutions contributed substantial non-dues revenues, including a designated dividend of $385,000, to support SCHA and hospital members for the improvement of healthcare in South Carolina.

 In 2017, SCHA Solutions provided donations and sponsorships totaling more than $225,000 in support of health-related causes in South Carolina and beyond, including:

  • South Carolina Hospital Research and Education Foundation
  • South Carolina Institute of Medicine and Public Health
  • SC Nurses Foundation Palmetto Gold program
  • Donations to state hospital associations for hurricane and flood relief
  • SC chapter of the National Association of Healthcare Services Executives

SCHA Solutions understands hospital needs and has the ability and time to search for and align with private-sector partners who can help meet those needs, adding operational value and enhancing the quality of patient care.  Innovation grants are available for early adopters of new ideas and services.

High Value Partner

SCHA Solutions has grown from a preferred partner network to a burgeoning enterprise with more than 50 partners and sponsors, bringing in significant revenue from other states to support SCHA initiatives and reduce pressure on dues. And that support continues to increase thanks to the work of premium partners such as Healthcare Staffing Services (HSS), which was created by SCHA for South Carolina hospitals and has expanded into 12 other states, generating significant revenue that is reinvested in healthcare and association programs.